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From the Managing Partner:

The firm’s mission is to humanize the practice of law.

Our firm’s philosophy (which we openly advocate) is that caring and compassion do belong in the law office. We choose not to distance ourselves from our work and our clients. We get personal and we take it personally. We get to know our clients’ families and businesses. We believe that our clients’ emotional needs are as important as the legal issues surrounding their particular matters. We provide legal services, but we freely extend our clients empathy, support and compassion.

Are we different from other law firms?

When we established this law firm, we made a conscious decision not to loose sight of the human factor behind the legal matters we handle. In today’s commercialized, distant-minded approach to the practice of law, we felt an overwhelming need to re-conceptualize the true meaning of being someone’s “legal counsel.”

We see ourselves as protectors of a delicate confidence placed in us by our clients. We cherish that confidence and fully recognize the precious nature of someone’s trust.

To many of our clients, our capacity to act as counselors and confidants is as important as our dedication to provide superior legal service. Our practice, therefore, is driven by the idea that it is OK for lawyers to have a heart and to openly care about the people and organizations we serve.

Our philosophy may not work for every client, but it works for those who want more than hired guns. Most importantly, it works for us.

Lawyering with Compassion

We are attorneys who take care of real people, not abstract legal problems. We call it lawyering with compassion; a small step towards humanizing the practice of law.

We find joy in practicing our chosen profession because we recognize that the law was never meant to be just another form of business. It was first and foremost a calling; a chance to make a difference in someone’s life and to leave a positive mark on society.

We are very grateful for all the positive feedback we receive from clients. Thanks for the opportunity to share our vision with you.

Masha K. Bach, Esq,
Managing Partner