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Entertainment Law

We understand entertainment projects and assist music industry professionals navigate the special legal requirements of this unique universe. From negotiating complex music distribution deals to forming sophisticated business entities, we can help guide the legal and creative affairs of clients from idea, to execution, to sales and exploitation. Most of our clients have spent considerable time on both sides of the mixing board, much as we have on both sides of the negotiating table. Our diverse legal experience, coupled with a deep understanding of the artistic process, allows the firm to bring a solid level of practical assistance to clients and their counterparts.

We work closely with award winning songwriters, producers, production companies, musicians, artist managers, entrepreneurs and just about all other players on the music scene. The firm’s attorneys are skilled in contracts and corporate law and specialize in international artist collaborations, recording project coordination and oversight, active contracts negotiation and facilitation of original musical production projects. We often team up with well established entertainment law firms in putting together the most successful deals for our clients.

Services Provided:

  • Negotiation and facilitation of management, recording, production and co-production “deals”
  • New artist submissions (Label Readiness)
  • Recording Agreements (Record Deals)
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Music Publishing deals
  • Artist Management Agreements
  • Songwriter Agreements
  • Production Agreements
  • Artist/Producer Agreements
  • Record Label Venture Capital Agreements (indi funding)
  • Copyright & Trademark enforcement
  • Band Incorporation
  • Band Operating Agreements
  • Movie and Television Music Licensing

The firm is dedicated to expanding access to legal counsel in the entertainment and business community. Our attorneys provide exceptional services to each client regardless of the scale of the project. Please contact us to evaluate the legal needs of your entertainment business or music career.